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What doc means to say is that one is the virus itself, and the other is the syndrome of diseases that are caused by the virus.

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I'm already HIV positive. Why is finding a vaccine more important than finding a proper cure? (Not a "functional" cure, mind you, but an actual cure, such as an agent which would eradicate the virus in the body.)

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It was my understanding that having the CCR5 gene does not immunize a person against infection, but makes the preponderance of infection for an individual less...they become less likely to become infected. Is that correct?

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What the fucking fuck?

When you find a vaccine, you're not going to give it to high risk populations first? You're going to give it to low-risk, healthy people first? So there are more infections that you still won't be able to cure?

You. Are. A. Worthless. Cocksucker.

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Could you explain your business proposal in more detail? If it's "free for the end user," who actually pays, once your discovery comes to fruition?

Continued crowdsourcing? NOT.