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We played around with the idea of a trap door mechanism that would interact with the opposite side of the cube when opened/closed. We were quite fond of this side in particular, but scrapped it along the way due to engineering/manufacturing concerns.

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It's gotta be the Flip side for me. We spent a stupid amount of time on that particular mechanism to get it to feel just right.

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We both fidget a ton. Neither of us have been (officially) diagnosed with ADHD, but as we set out to design Fidget Cube a big appeal to us was the possibility that it might have helped us personally with our ability to focus while working.

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That our system is in no way designed to handle the world we live in today.

I can simply scan an object and have a 3D model generated from it or send a photo of an unreleased object to a manufacturer who can replicate it within hours. Meanwhile, the USPTO will take up to years to review legitimate applications.

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Thank you! Seriously made my day hearing that you've found it to be helpful. :)