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Source: psych and bio major who has read many history of psychology books and constantly gets tagged in pop psych articles and pseudoscience articles.

Freud probably set the world of psychology back a few decades and is largely one of the reasons psychology is not viewed as a science despite the large leaps made in the past 60 years. Not only was Freud's psycho dynamic theory and psycho "analysis" (psych analysis is also something else. Hence the quote), a bunch of crap and reactionism with no basis of science, the world of psychology reacted to it as well giving us humanist and positive psychology (that are not bad! They just lean more towards social psychology as opposed to science and experimental psychology), which probably would've happened but definitely put psychology on a detour. At this same time cognitive psychology and behavioral psych were put on a back burner which meant they had to cook slower.

Oh also Freud didn't really believe Freud. And he was probably incredibly sexist.

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What's the mit program? Manager in training?

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My dad does research on this! It's such an exciting field right now!

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Does Berkeley only take research assistants and interns from their own programs?

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I'm currently a psychobiology at Santa Clara University! I was wondering what you would suggest for me to do to look for a job or internship! I've read a lot of your stuff and would love to do research with you! But if not, do you have any contacts? Or even some life advice would be nice! Thank you so much for the AMA!