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MM: Uh, I don't play video games. Sometimes I like to get drunk and buy things on the internet, and then I wake up the next day and find 'em on my doorstep, and it's like Christmas. I get excited.

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BC: Well there used to be this rumor I was the kid from THE WONDER YEARS. And then somewhere over the years it turned to Manson. The rumor transferred over to him like a virus.

MM: Yeah, I think it might've been - Billy and I used to spend quite a lot of time together in Los Angeles, when I first moved there. And one fun fact is that I DID go for a ride with Billy once, and I threw up, because he was driving very fast! Or you can tell that story - what's your version?

BC: We had our own MULHOLLAND DRIVE movie.

MM: Well, he said "Do you want to go for a ride?" like he does in his song - and of course, he got that, cuz he's smart as a whip, and so I went for a ride in his whip...

BC: We're both cat lovers.

MM: That is true. We both love cats.

BC: We love cats more than we love women.

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BC: Hehehehehee!

MM: Hehehehe. Probably because... Billy and I... don't know if we should even say this... but he tends to... I resent that statement, FIRST! However, I think you can't really answer something like that. It's like asking... how a rabbit comes out of a hat.

BC: Twiggy has magic.

MM: Twiggy's throwing some powerful dick magic.

BC: He has a magic wand.

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BC: Holy nerd alert!

MM: Hahahahah! I think I still have those strings on the guitar you gave me. I don't think I've changed 'em yet.

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MM: I think one of the most memorable events of my life was playing in Transylvania, with Alice Cooper. It couldn't be more ironic. Or more of a childhood dream come to life! And there were feral wild dogs running around. That should be noted. I didn't see any bats, just wild dogs.

BC: We once played in Slovenia. During the - there were wars going on, in the former Yugoslavia. And we were about 60 miles away from actual war, which in itself was pretty crazy. And then, as we wereplaying, there were people in the crowds giving Nazi salutes, and we thought they were being ironic or something, and then we realized they were actual Nazis?! And they were telling us they didn't like us by giving us the salute...

MM: One time, Billy, we played the MTV Europe Awards, in Ireland, and I came onstage, and I had a cross made of televisions that was on fire, and I was painted entirely back and wearing a cowboy hat. And the ENTIRE audience turned their backs on me. You will NEVER see it on MTV. The most unusual protest I'd ever seen. I just laughed the entire time. I forgot about the whole "Catholic" thing there...