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I've got my bird clicking the ok button, it will be fine.

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They get issued a set of hips at bootcamp.

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A lot of things sound good on paper.

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The exits from 2 reactor are right next to the main mess deck (chow hall). One time someone came bursting out of there in full anti contamination clothing covered in glow stick liquid, screaming, ran down the passage, and back down into the plant. Sadly, he and his accomplices got in pretty big trouble.

Also, when we are shutdown, you can go into the reactor compartment and stand directly on top of the core. There may or may not have been instances of people t-bagging the reactors.

My favorite was a CHT (toilet plumbing) pipe breaking right as this guy was looking up and got shit directly in his mouth.

Someone also got caught shitting in a bucket down in the plant by the reactor officer (highest ranking nuke on board, usually a commander or captain and 3rd or 4th highest ranking on the ship).