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Have you seen a relationship between patients with anterior pelvic tilt and IBS? I have- from talking with friends and coworkers who have an obvious tilt and comparing bowel problems. I have had bowel problems my whole life that I didn't know were weird until I lived with other people. My first poo of the day is tiny hard pellets ( like a rabbit), followed about 20 minutes later by a lot of very soft material if not liquid. Every single day I have this hour of going back and forth to the bathroom and then it's fine the rest of the day. It was called IBS, food allergy, maybe ulcers, doctors never really looked into it after the first colonoscopy. I have been "diagnosed" as constipated and was even prescribed laxatives until I could no longer hold my bowels. I described this to doctors for years without knowing what was happening, and then a physical therapist pointed out my hip problem. Since working on my hips, my poops became normal. If I stand without consciously holding my hips at a different angle, I have the morning problem. I believe what happens is my hips crush my lower bowels while I'm standing/active, and this leads to the constipation. Then, when I sit and relax and my back is extended, I suddenly *have to go right away*. This cycle was made harder before I re-learned how to stand and was never helped by meds or diet changes.

Just information I hope can help others. Doctors where I live tend to just be very well paid drug dealers, and ignore causes of symptoms in order to write prescriptions to mask the symptoms. It was a major relief to me to have an answer for my odd issue.