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Dear Colonel Richard Graham, Thank you for doing an IAmA again! What is the most unique memory you have experienced while flying the SR-71? Also, if it's unclassified, what was the highest speed/altitude you ever reached? Thank you so much!

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Good afternoon Astronaut Scott Kelly,

Thank you so much for doing this AMA, I really appreciate it! About a week ago the very first and beautiful Zinnia flower bloomed on the ISS, from that day it was fascinating to look up to the sky and know that there is a magnificent flower orbiting around us. At first it seemed that they won't be making it but you saved them, how did it make you feel when the Zinnia started blooming? My second question is what is the most unique memory that you experienced while living on the International Space Station?

Thank you so much again Astronaut Kelly for everything you do for science and for humankind! Good luck on your one year mission! You are my inspiration and one day I hope I can see you! Also, my mom is using the same NASA heat lamps as you are on the ISS and she absolutely loves it, it really helps her flowers grow beautiful, she also wishes good luck!

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J. Scott, Coach, and Skid, thank you for doing an IAmA! -What is the future of the Dragon Lady? -What is the most unique memory you all individually experienced while flying the U-2? -How is it different to fly the Dragon Lady at 65,000ft compared to flying commercial airliners at 30,000ft? Thank you!