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Manic-Subsidal11 karma

Hi Phil,

Firstly just wanted to say how refreshing it is to be an Aussie customer. I found you guys 3-4 years ago and dealing with your team is an absolute pleasure. I've always recieved a prompt and honest response on any issue I've had. Massive thumbs up.

Can I ask if you have any specific info as to what is going on with the Smythesdale VIC (Watson's hill) NBN fixed wireless tower? My tower is one of the 9 that Morrow actually admitted in senate estimates was congested and that remediation and upgrade work was being undertaken. We had an update 6 months later that work was delayed due to a leasing/contract issue with Optus who colocate their mobile LTE service on the same tower, since then, nothing.

From what I can tell NBN 3500mhz is still not active on the tower even though it's been proposed since 2017. I've also seen no evidence of anyone having new style antennas installed or repositioned to new sectors. We have had an absolute truck load of NBN outage notifications. But nothing ever seems to get better after any outage

Your awesome technical support team lodged a ticket for me and the best update we could get was "sometime possibly NBN hope 1st quarter 2019". Do you have any firmer inside info than that? Congestion is getting awful and starting much earlier in the day.... My rock solid 50 mbps starts to decay to single digits by the time school ends and will be 1mbit by 8pm...... All weekend is horrible.

Thanks in advance