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What does your tribe do to hand down ancestral knowledge, spiritual beliefs, tribal history, etc? Can you share anything that might be meaningful to people?

Thanks for doing the AMA! I grew up in NM and miss the beautiful landscapes.

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Fellow fibro sufferer here. Your ketamine experience sounds horrible, and I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. Hopefully it doesn’t have negative long-lasting effects.

The way I describe fibromyalgia to people is this: imagine the nervous system has a volume knob that goes from 1-10. Turn it to 11, and leave it there. Everything is accentuated. Minor annoyances, like a fold in a piece of fabric, can cause things to be uncomfortable or even painful. Tinnitus is a common symptom. Really random stuff, too, like having to pee every 10 minutes during a “flare.”

The worst part for me is that when a doctor sees I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, they often ignore anything that I’m complaining about. Even though I may know that it’s something unusual for me (like pain in a new place, or much worse fatigue), the doctor just assumes it’s due to the fibromyalgia and doesn’t take it seriously. It’s really depressing. And of course, being in the US we’ve switched from a compassionate care model to a profit mode and that hasn’t helped things.

I’m curious, have you also been diagnosed with PTSD or have you been through major trauma? Apparently they often go hand in hand, and doctors are suspecting that being in a heightened state of fight or flight for too long can “lock” the body into that state, wreaking havoc on the nervous system through the constant stress of cortisol, adrenaline, etc.

Standard painkillers often don’t work. Opioids don’t really seem to help with fibro pain, and I gather they’re not really sure why. Ibuprofen was always my miracle drug, but after taking it every day for years I destroyed my stomach and now I can only take it for a short time before I start getting bad acid reflux.

I’ve gotten used to the pain to some degree, but I’m so fucking tired of being tired all the time.

Good luck with your struggle.

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I remember reading many years ago a claim that mosquitoes could be eradicated without any harm to the ecosystem. That didn’t sound right to me, and yet I just saw that claim repeated again here on reddit a few days ago.

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The police have a duty to enforce the laws. I really don't want the police able to choose which laws they enforce.

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I was diagnosed with regular PTSD by four different psychs independently before anyone started calling it C-PTSD. At the time, I remember saying that I didn’t think I had PTSD because I didn’t feel like my symptoms matched. C-PTSD, on the other hand, fits pretty well.

Currently in therapy trying to dig my way back out of a crippling depression. Psych has thrown in the towel on prescribing my antidepressants as I’m one of those people that seems to have the “rare and life threatening” reactions to all kinds of medications.