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Oh my Frith! Watership Down is one of my favourite books ever, and I have always recommended it as strongly as it is possible to do so. I even went as far as mapping out the journey on Google Earth, including every place of note. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

For anyone interested in the landmarks, first of all here is the location on Google Maps. Please note that the map provided in the book has North facing left. Here are some of the points of interest:

  • The Enborne, although hard to see via satellite, is the river the rabbits crossed early on in their journey.
  • Nuthanger Farm, where Hazel is captured and where from the dog is later released.
  • Efrafa. If this isn't the exact location it should be pretty close.
  • The bridge the rabbits travel under to avoid the train line.
  • The plank bridge near where the boat is found.
  • The bridge the rabbits travel under in the boat to escape the Efrafans.
  • Watership Down itself. There are walking tracks in the area that can be used to visit the down.

May I ask how you chose these locations? Did you know the area particularly well? Hopefully the locations I've given are all correct!

Edit: After some searching it seems as though this website does a more comprehensive job than I have, and includes a lot of photos from the ground as well.

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How frustrating is it having to add that disclaimer anytime you want to talk to the public about law? What would or could actually happen if you omitted each of the sentences in that disclaimer?

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"Treasure Island The Go-Getter Groove The Men Who Stare At Goats" sounds like one hell of a movie.

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I very much doubt the valid solutions were entered manually. It would be incredibly easy to overlook a valid solution, and this hasn't been reported yet.

End game spoilers

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Getting all the puzzles doesn't mean you've found everything, remember.