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With FIFA 20, if you compare it with FIFA 19, there are a lot fewer things you have to try and master. I'd recommend learning three skills moves. There are three that are really effective in creating goal-scoring opportunities: the elastico, the reverse elastico, and the scoop. They're all five-star skill moves, so you need players with five-star skill moves to execute them.

I'd say the other thing a lot of people don't do is try and find a way to record your gameplay, and also watch people at a higher level, because when you can watch back, you can see the things you did to create a goal-scoring opportunity, and when you watch someone at a higher level you're able to see the little intricacies, how they can create a goal-scoring opportunity out of nothing, or defend against a player with a very different style.

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Firstly, I appreciate you for following me that long. That's amazing.

  1. At Hashtag it was amazing because it was like we were on a family basis. We had a HQ where we all stayed because we had a lot of qualifiers. During the season last year we had qualifiers almost every weekend, so we were around each other almost every day if I didn't have university commitments. So I got to know a lot of the boys working behind-the-scenes and it's great guys there.
  2. The travel aspect with City is much more global, and I've had a lot more opportunities to create content, like I got to play with Sergio Aguero. I've become a much better player too and at City we have a sports psychologist, which I've never had the opportunity to work with before, and it helps to zone in on the other aspects of competing. It's not just ability, it's other things you have to take into account, the mental preparation, dealing with what happens when you're not doing well at at tournament, or when you ARE doing well at a tournament, and different challenges.
  3. I'm privileged to be working with Man City and working in worldwide eSports competitions in FIFA, and I'm grateful I'm in the position I'm in.

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I'd say the key with EA SPORTS FIFA specifically is that it's really a mechanics-based game, so you really have to make sure you're up to scratch with dribbling, attacking, and defending at the highest level. Because in quarantine our season has been suspended, so we have to make sure we're engaging in competitions that keep us at the highest level, whether that's with teammates or other tournaments with ranked players, and just making sure you're at the highest level for when tournaments resume.

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I don't have specific stretches that I do for gaming, but I try to keep myself in good physical shape overall.

As for favorite year, in all honesty I don't know, because I feel like I always enjoy FIFA anyways. I always focused on just playing with my friends, not the game-play side, so it reminds me of spending time with my friends.

If I had to give a specific one, it would be FIFA 14, because that was when my friends had a lot of spare time to play in high school.

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I'll be honest, I'd say throughout 2019 in all honesty I didn't. When I was at university, because I was trying to balance both esports and my degree, I would rarely try and dedicate a lot of time to cook or schedule meals. I would order in whatever or do a quick-cook meal. So since the start of 2020, I've been trying to get my diet right and get my sleeping right for way we compete.

The way I eat on a normal day-to-day basis is kind of healthy anyway, but I'd say specifically from 2020 since the end of January, that's when I decided to cut out a lot of the fast-food aspects and sugary foods and drinks. But that's not just because of trying to get in the perfect physical shape for esports, it's just in general because I exercise quite a lot, so I want to try and gain a lot of muscle, so the best way to do that is by eating healthy foods.

Since lockdown I managed to buy one of the last rowing machines, and that came about two months ago, so I've been exercising and doing a lot of cardio about three or four times a week, and I follow an ab routine that I've been doing for almost three months. I've just been trying to keep to that routine since in lockdown I haven't been able to do many other activities. I haven't been able to do any weight exercises because gyms are still closed in the UK.