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ManBurrPig12 karma

Often time the term “militia” is associated with far-right sections as you mentioned, is there or are there any large instances of far-left militias in the country?

ManBurrPig4 karma

I’m speaking to more organized groups similar to the NFAC in Georgia, but I guess they technically count as well

ManBurrPig3 karma

Precisely the theme I was going for, as most people know about groups such as the Light Foot’s, Oathkeepers and such. Was just wondering if there’s any instance of groups like this on the left, thanks!

ManBurrPig3 karma

No, but growing up in a rural state I used to have friends in a quasi-communal/semi-militia organization since police response to our community was about 10 minutes at best. They would often go shooting together and talk about issues around the community, and every so often we would discuss different groups around the country about how crazy they are or something like that.