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I think you are trying to be obtuse and not answer the question but I will play along. Why do you think Catholicism is true? Please don’t point me to your blog. I’m not going to read your blog. This is reddit and you are doing an ama.

Edit: You have to love the aggressive downvoting by the believers.

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Does getting influencers simply mean paying influencers?

How do you know that influencers are more effective audience drivers than ads?

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I do not think that my beliefs are objectively true. I’m able to keep these separate and I think many people are.

I may believe a certain economic policy or law may best benefit society but I do not think that belief is an objective truth.

I don’t have to believe in the scientific laws, we know that they are basically, objectively true. These are testable by anyone. A person can choose to not believe in physics but then their belief can be demonstrably proven wrong.

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How do you reconcile a belief as being an objective “truth”?

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What makes god an objective source of truth?

Many people believe in god but have very different takeaways, thoughts and beliefs. If a belief in god were an objective truth, why doesn’t everyone who believes in god have the same “truth”.

Why do you think a belief in god and relativism are mutually exclusive?