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Well now that we kind of breached the subject I'll go ahead and drop the question: traditional Japanese do not approve of female sushi chefs. To the point where most sushi chefs would refuse to train a woman. How have you surmounted this problem?

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Game company uses a DMCA complaint to take down Total Biscuit review: the most heinous example of copyright as censorship in modern times.

Reddit users plan for weeks to downvote Ann Coulter AMA: totally legitimate response and nothing to be ashamed about.

Ah, reddit, never change.

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You're right. One person didn't censor total biscuit, it was an entire company. That's capitalism.

Please, drop the buzzwords and obfuscation. It's really nutty.

People ganged up to suppress her speech. That's censorship, I don't care how you justify it.

Edit: also what difference does it make if it's one person or a thousand. What matters is who has the power. In this case it was people who hate Ann Coulter. I don't think democracy is about mob rule and suppressing controversial ideas, but maybe I'm old fashioned. I don't recall the "right to downvote" section of the 1st amendment but maybe my memory of the Bill of Rights is a little lacking.

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But people downvoting her is a form of freedom of speech.


You may have the freedom to scream over any conversation, drowning out whatever people say, but you look like a huge dick when you do it. There are more mature ways of addressing other people's ideas than by "using your freedom of speech" to censor them.

I don't really understand how you are justifying this behavior to yourself.

If Obama did another AMA and right wing redditors spent weeks planning to downvote everything he said in order to censor his ideas, you probably would be making a post that said "horrible reddit invasion shatters idea of freedom of speech in AMA"

You're just using buzzwords to defend your ideological positions.

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So censorship is fine as long as there is no exchange of money? Isn't censorship of ideas worse than censorship of products?