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What is your job on the ship? I went on a cruise a few years ago and was talking to one of the employees. She was telling me that it was pretty horrible. She explained that on boarding and unboarding days they were working nonstop, for 20 hours on most of those days. She said they had to remove all the mattresses to clean them, and the rooms. Cleaning the whole ship, restocking everything.

She explained that these companies would go to poor countries and offer them a job. They are contracted for around a year at a time and don't ever really leave the ship. She said she does it because she could never make as much money In her country and sends it back to her family to help.

She didn't seem happy, but you do. Do you think that's because you are an American? What is your job on the ship?

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Thank you for that. I had always wondered if it was the same for everyone. Stay safe and good luck!