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I think it's important to point out he doesn't mean Dr. Phil, he means Phil Donohue(spelling?). I know a lot of redditors may not remember that.

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The church I belong to is actually starting the process of maintaining a beehive this year. What advice do you have for us? I'm not directly involved in keeping the bees, but I understand their importance. What can we tell people to ease their mind about them being here?

We are getting them from a "nice hive" that has in the past produced many hives that are not agressive. We have many people who are going to beekeeping school later next month too. I'm actually getting more and more excited about the whole project.

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Whoa, $13 for bread? Have you thought about making these things yourself? What is in bread that you can't have? My typical recipe is just water, yeast, sugar, olive oil and flour.