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What is the situation in Dresden like, for the majority of parliament to approve of a Nazi emergency and reject a climate emergency? I'm curious because declaring a climate emergency has prior precedent with other cities doing it and climate change being in the news more recently, making me think it would be easier to pass such a thing since it's a hot topic lately. So it does make me wonder how pressing the situation is of the rise of the far right in Germany is, for this to be passed and declared.

I noticed in comments on the threads about the nazi emergency that people were referring to your party as a satire party - would you call this an accurate description? It sounds like you guys do have defined political views and do get involved in politics more than just bringing attention/satirising politics, which is what I might have assumed from such a label. Has it been hard to be taken seriously as a smaller party and one with such a name/views?

Lastly, I also want to know if you guys get pirate hats to wear.

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How badly does the sun affect your skin? Is being in direct sunlight painful? How long can you stay outside before it becomes a problem?