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Pfff noobs. My work still has a mainframe with spinning magnetic tapes. Takes days to get certain results back.

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Once my sister left an IPAD on a flight home. Someone picked it up and took it home with them. She was able to get the address through iCloud. It ended up being in Washington D.C. My sister has a friend who is a lawyer in the DC area and tried to go pick it up with someone else. Guy answers the door and they politely ask to have the IPAD back. Guy says "Oh you can have it back." Comes back with a hammer and the iPAD and smashes the screen in front of them. Only a buster screen, so my sisters friend says she would still like to have it back. Guys goes, "Oh i've got something better." Goes back inside the house. My sisters friend and her buddy look at each other and go, "gun." And took off. A detective came by trying to figure it all out, but nothing ever became of it.

TL;DR Evil guy smashes found iPAD for no good reason when owners friend tries to reclaim it.

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