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Did you know insurance triples if you die on a business trip?

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Your hand is now the picture on the Wikipedia page. Congratulations...?

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Frikkin small world, man.

Sophomore here. Just hopping in and saying your puzzle games are extremely popular in my school (Midwest USA). I found it ironic for TI to add games to their calculators, haha.

Anyway, thanks for making math a little more fun for those of us who finish work early. :)

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Hi, guys! Long time fan here. I grew up playing Crash Bandicoot, played through the Uncharted trilogy, and finished The Last of Us the week of release. First off, all of these games have been phenomenal, incredible, cinematic and interactive stories. I also recently watched Area 5's amazing documentary "Grounded" about you guys. Just wanted to ask a few questions:

  • What led you to give Joel and Ellie their names, if anything specific?

  • Neil, what's your favorite book?

  • Did TLoU have large inspirations from Cormac McCarthy's The Road?

  • Do you guys plan on working with Santaolalla in the future?

  • Will we be seeing any info on Uncharted 4 in the near future?!?!

  • Why did you choose to end TLoU the way you did?

  • Lastly, how good are the chances of us entering the world of The Last of Us again?

Thanks for doing the AMA, keep up the work; you're easily one of the best in the gaming industry!

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Thank you for doing this AMA!

What, specifically, occurs during the ossification of tissue? Do osteoblasts simply build onto the tissue as a random mutation, or what?