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Where the fuck is OP?

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Do you expect a country to get better over night? Revolutions take years.

These are not over throwing operations, which in modern Arab countries in the 20th century could take up to a week to finish the job.We're talking about a complete change of the country top to bottom. Fighting cancer takes time.

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Actually it is quite easy. I'm a Saudi living in Saudi Arabia. I'm a Muslim like everyone else. But I oppose every single little thing in this country.

There are things I feel "okay" saying to everyone including my most religious relatives. Things like opposing religious scholars, opposing what I call "The Najdi Church", taking a huge dump on persons.

But when it comes to voice my secular opinions (which are normal everyday words to westerners), I tend to really choose my words. And to whom I say it to.

I difference between these guys and I, is that they don't like to lie to nor censor themselves.

Actually I'm surprised that this happened in North Africa but not here. Our view of North African Arabs and Muslims, is that they are more liberal than us. But damn, sometimes they prove me wrong, fortunately to me.

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There's no way anyone getting on a bus in the UK without paying the last pence.

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I get why you are very protective about this. But I see no harm in saying which countries they came from and where they went. Give the story a little perspective. There are millions living in North African Arab countries and more millions in Europe. So they're safe anyway.