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I'm a late bloomer and am in art school where people had developed skill years before I did. Painting at 8 in classes and I'm self taught. Any tips on how to catch up? I know drawing from life is good and also sharpening skills in the fundamentals.

Also, how did you feel being a late blood with other talented artist were around? I'm kind of struggling, feeling like I don't belong in this school.

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Alright. Thank you.

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Why would we currently allow a drug when we cant even control things now? It just brings 1 more dug into the issue we have which is companies using these drugs as profit and randomly prescribing them. I think it would be best if we fix the issue with opioids before allowing more drugs to be legalized for medical use.

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How do you play video games? What kind of games? I'm just really confused since all video games require sight to know where to shoot, or build, or anything really..

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Will psychedelics even be used in positive a manner? What are the benefits to having it legalized? All I can really see happening with this is that it will be easier for teens to get their hands on it. It's quite easy for my friend to get it and we're all under the age of 21.

I feel like it's just a way pharmaceutical companies can make more money. They handle strong drugs poorly, for example, fentanyl. Fentanyl was made for 3rd stage cancer patients but big companies wanting to make more profits let doctors prescribe these drugs for things as little as oral and groin pain.

I can rarely see an positives effects of legalizing psychedelics. Then again, dont know how these drugs were used for other than having a good trip.