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I'm sure he has. It's arguably his best album.

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But "Today" was on Siamese Dream...

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Hey William (like you asked) and Manson.

Question: I read somewhere that William contributed to Mechanical Animals in some way. Is that true? What did you do?

PS: Any news on the Machina reissue?

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Hey Billy. I know this is the cliche thing to say but I'm a huge fan of your work. I'm not a sad person (I have a lot of great friends and the best family I could ask for, so I'm pretty happy), but there are still a few things in my life that I wish were a little different. But listening to your music makes it all okay and fills me with a sense of understanding that has made me a better and happier person today. I have a few questions to ask you but what I really wanted the most was to thank you. So thanks.

Here are a few questions:

  1. What did you contribute to Mechanical Animals? This is a little more relevant now since it seems that you and Manson have rekindled your friendship in a way.
  2. In the Glass and the Machines of God web series, there are quite a few samples played in the background. They were some really cool, heavy beats. Is it possible that they will be featured in the Machina reissue next year?
  3. Another question regarding the Machina reissue: Will there be any instrumental mixes put out? The album was heavily layered with atmosphere and I would definitely like to hear that more clearly.
  4. "Tales of a Scorched Earth" had a sample from DOOM at the end of it, and I remember you saying that you owned a 360. As a big player of video games, I was wondering what games did/do you play?

Thanks for doing this AMA Billy, and go Blackhawks!