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What drug(s) were the shooters suspected of using before incident?

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Ok thanks. Really sick and sad. I'm happy you're safe, but I remain very disappointed and ashamed of society for not implementing better security protocols in schools sooner. So much could have been prevented.

And today? How about subways churches and trains?

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Yes I understand what you are saying. It will take a lot of time but I know that you will get through it. Have you considered traveling for a little while, to reset? Maybe some where safe clean sweet and simple and just getting paid to teach or play with kids for a year? It helps and I've seen a few vets along the way, which I am categorizing you as.

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And you're not going to "wind up a statistic." Don't ever talk like that or let yourself believe it holds any merit.

If I were you I'd call the local police station and inquire where or what their local AA lodge is. It doesn't matter if you drink, everyone is welcome and can include those that may consider or want to drink or try any drugs.

The point is they are fellow LE guys.

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Have you tried USAJOBS? Are you a vet?