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My co-worker found out his dad is not his real dad. He confronted his mom and she admitted to a fling during the time she became pregnant with him. Crazy thing is his dad’s side of the family always thought he looked nothing like them. Dude is 50 and just found out about this, has all these family members he knows nothing about

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I hope you had an uneventful trip and find yourself safe. On a personal level, do you feel a sense of defeat due to the current events? Are you holding out hope that the situation for your fellow Afghans will improve sooner than later?

I was in Afghanistan multiple times in 2012, we flew medical missions to Bagram Air Force Base and two other bases in Kandahar and Mazar. Your country is beautiful, I was in awe with the snow covered mountains in the winter and then the green in the spring. I wish you and your family the best.