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Why didn't you fire Ricky Velez when he cost you a good chunk of viewership? You're in one of the most competitive entertainment markets imaginable and he's a constant reminder of demonstrably the show's worst moment. The Wikipedia section on your ratings only has one entry and it's about that moment!

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So which is your favorite version of Welcome to the NHK; Light Novel, Manga or Anime?

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The Anime was my first introduction, they even Dubbed it into English so it's probably the most popular western Hikimori anime. The music is good, but they had to cut the drug usage from the Light Novel I'm guessing for censorship reasons. The manga has a much darker ending and I don't particularly like it. But whenever I'm depressed shut in mode this theme does come to mind: Hittori Bochi

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So I used to listen to Kaiser Kuo's podcast for a while and he's and the Media portray as the guy who brought Rock and Roll to China. Obviously not completely accurate, I'm sure Elvis was bouncing around somewhere. But ethically Chinese American fluent in Mandarin singing to these Western Music styles was a huge thing.

What were some of the first Japanese performers that caught into this extreme music. I wasn't even sure if Death Metal was a thing in Japan till Death Note's second opening and like holy shit there's a Japanese Death Metal scene?

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At what point do you think Coronation stopped being viewed as a scared religious rite and more of a secular ceremony of state? Like obviously if we're going by Shakespeare's depiction, still very formally religious. By George VI it was more of a perfunctory matter of state to get over with as quickly as possible.