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What prompted you to start skating? How do you avoid fights if it's full contact?

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Glad you are doing better. Did the ECT change your personality at all?

A few years ago I had a Psychiatrist try to talk me into ECT for chronic depression. My depression is due to severe chronic pain and since he couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't be right back to being depressed in a few months I said no. Pissed him off big time. We couldn't have done it anyway because of 2 medical devices that I have implanted in my body. The ECT would likely have damaged them.

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we have the greatest health care system in the world

We do.....as long as you have the money to pay for it. o_O

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Have you read The Survivor's Club?

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bag of dicks

LMAO. Don't think that I've ever heard that one before. :)

I watched Roller derby matches when I was a kid. Late 60's early 70's. About the only thing I remember were lots of fights and grudge matches. Glad to see that's not the focus of the current sport.