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MagicalSkyMan2 karma

Hi Brian and thanks for the AMA!

Have you ever thought about unifying matter and space?

I don't know much about physics but I'm inclined to think matter might just be compressed space.

There would be many benefits such as:

1) Big Bang would be a situation where all space is compressed into a matter-like state. 2) Expansion of space would be uncompression of matter. 3) Dark energy would be some process that causes uncompression. 4) No need for Wheeler's "Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve" since there's automatically a curvature of space where matter exists and vice versa.

Also since matter and energy are equivalent then motion should also be compression of space (I think). If compression had a direction and a magnitude, this would give us speed (amount of compression) and direction (from where compression happens) and therefore we get a vector like quantity like velocity. Information about velocity of particles would therefore be stored in the geometry of space. Maybe Lorentz contraction already hints at this?

I think Einstein field equations could be considered as showing an equivalence between space and matter in same way as e=mc² does with energy and matter.

Any thoughts?