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I’m a current Peace Corps Volunteer in Fiji!!!

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Issa, thank you for sharing such an authentic experience. The sector in Fiji now is Youth and Development and the primary assignment is working in schools with Healthy Living and Family Life Education so most current volunteers are teachers now too, but at the primary level. I am familiar with QVS though, I actually did my practicum there during PST! It’s an absolutely BEAUTIFUL location and the boys there are bright.

I’m a semi-urban volunteer based in town on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island. I’m teaching at a primary school, but focusing primarily on literacy with slow/non readers. I have most “amenities” and am REALLY loving my site. The most challenging part for me is making sure what I’m doing is worth while for both me and sustainable for my community.

I really am enjoying. I just got to site so I have the rest of my service to enjoy still. Vinaka vaka levu for sharing again. Loloma!

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I’m loving it so far! Can I ask your assignment and site?

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Issa! Wishing you the best recovery so you can get back home!

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Bula si’a! Where are you from in Fiji?