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I think a lot of us wish there were many versions of you.

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Congrats. Do you have any other highlights from your life you want to tells us about. Doesn´t have to be porn. Any good story will do.

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People are crying all over the world because of this AMA today. I´m not going to say that it is happy tears, but I will just say that I very moved by this AMA. I´m glad that people like you exist. I used to be a caretaker for a kid with polio in northern Norway and I really hope he is doing well today.

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This might be a strange question, but it would be very nice if you tried to answer. How do you think porn has changed society in the last 30 years and what kind of role do you see for it in the future?

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If you really wanna live. Download Opera as well. Chrome fucked up a few sites for me, that Opera handles perfect. I used Chrome for reddit, google stuff (specially google images are better in Chrome). But I use Opera for Facebook, webmail, video sites that does not work in Chrome and some other random sites that just work better in Opera. If somebody wants to use my laptop, I kindly ask the to use Firefox. Don't mess with my browsers!

It's like dating the 19 year old cheerleader and keeping a blond Norwegian bombshell on the side. I'm still friends with my ex, and don't mind my friends sleeping with her.