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I'm one of the ones that couldn't stand Lori, but I view that as a credit to your acting ability. She could have easily come across as shallow and empty, but the nuances you mentioned made all the difference, we hated her because she was so real, so fragile and strong all at once, the cat and mouse game with Shane/Rick was something that to many have actually lived, and as such, Lori got the short end of that stick. All the same, even though I didn't like the character of Lori... The final scene with you and Carl will remain one of the most emotionally impacting moments I've viewed. The fact that I was not just choking up, but actually sobbing, is largely due to your performance there. Thanks for not phoning it in on your way out!

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James Rolfe?

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I just wanted to say thank you for really listening to the fans all these years and keeping the show fresh. When the new stage and lights were distracting from the routines, you listened and changed it mid-season! Things like that really give me respect for you. Lastly, we need more Mia Michael's routines!!