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If you want to go to Africa to carry a gun you're in it for the wrong reasons.

Instead head to your local mall and find your Marine or Army recruiter. If you do go Army, sign up for 11X 18X, they always get their Ranger tabs. /s

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Its one of those situations where sarcasm didn't translate well to text. What I meant to do was imply that people gullible enough to go to Africa to shoot poachers will believe the recruiter's lies about how 11X is the way to get tabbed. When really they have these grand ideas and in reality they just end up as 11b.

And as someone pointed out to me futher down, 18X not 11X. Whoops!

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What about people who would like an extended stay, somewhere around 3-4 months? I assume its a bit cheaper.

I understand if you do not want to answer this question, but I'm serious about committing next summer to volunteering for your organization. But upwards of $9000 is giving me a bit of sticker shock.

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I have a question, About how much it would cost me to join IAPF's Green Army? Specifically your fees.

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Sure, he's just going to put his SOP on blast, here on Reddit, just because you asked.