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Honestly now: When thinking about a stage name, how much of an influence was Guybrush Threepwood?

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When you asked the father what it's like to be in space (which I have no doubt certain you did), which part of his response did you find the most amazing?

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Any tips we should bear in mind, in case one of our friends or family members once comes in a situation where we don't know if they are locked in or not? My dad was in a coma before he died, and nobody knew if he was aware of his surroundings or not.

What should we do in those cases? Like, leave a TV or radio on all day long within the field of view, or would that be overload?

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Thank you. I also think we should do that. But in lieu of that possibility, I find Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" really inspiring.

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What are some technologies that you feel brought the most value or progress to the development of your game, and what are some technologies that turned out to be time wasters or dead ends? -- Pick anything you like, from tools to programming languages to paradigms.