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She is 34. She always had really painful periods. Like dropping to the floor unable to move. However it was written off as painful periods. Until it went from 3-5 days to constant pain.

Started to see a specialist 2 years ago. With endo you can't be 100% without surgery. It was confirmed a year ago after a laparoscopy.

When we first starting dating we were carefree, independent and not wanting kids. Funny how things can change as we age. We don't talk about the subject much cause right now we are strongly focused on the day to day.

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No problem thanks for asking.

Combating the disease is a three fold approach. Surgical, Hormonal, and holistically.

Before the surgery it was just pain medication. Though several really strong hormonal treatments were recommend. (Google: Lupron) She decided against most or these as they had harsh side or little results. (Some we tried and stopped, others through research opted out.)

Currently medications:

Butrans pain patch Vicodin as needed.
Low estrogen birth control (no off week/period) Pine tree bark Vitamin D / E Heating Blanket

Several naturopathic drugs to help with scar tissue and digestion.

I think that's it!

And nope no family history!

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Wow. Let's start off by sending love back. It's amazing how impactful it is for her to connect with other endo women. Makes her smile and hopeful.

Sounds like you know the game. Sorry for that. Tell me more about an iud? Not sure we are familiar. And yeah avoid the hysterectomy at all cost. Eeesh!


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Good question.

I fell in love with a beautiful, complex, independent, and bold woman. She still smiles at me everyday.

95% of the time leaving isn't a thought. Really satisfied in the relationship.

3% of the time I get frazzled. Usually I remind myself how I could be in a similar place. How would I behave? Want to be treated? It helps.

2% it's a dark depressing world. I don't want to do anything but leave. Mostly bad arguments, and when she's doing extremely bad and I can't do shit.

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I'm glad you said this.

I'm also glad about the shift we are seeing in the USA towards an acceptance of cannabis.

She does smoke and it is unquestionably the best medicine. Best. Helps her eat more, squelch anxiety, engage in activities, and mellow the pain.

If it's your thing.