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Part of making a pile of money is putting out a quality product.

Depending on whom you ask, the quality of ST spin-offs has been uneven since TNG/DS9. With so many groundbreaking, must-see shows on broadcast and cable in the past decade, how do we ensure this Worf series will receive the treatment it deserves?

MadeUAcctButIEatedIt3 karma

You never saw Worf trying to acculturate to the Federation and succeed according to humans' criteria as an allegory for a black man trying to make it in a white man's world?

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Weren't you a Catholic before? How instrumental do you feel your faith was in making the decision to leave the mob? Do you not feel you could have made the same decisions without your belief in God?

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How many (percentage?) of the American mafia now still speak/understand Italian/Sicilian?