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Hi! Thank you for doing this! I have many questions!

My mom has CLL and will eventually need a transplant. We’re in sort of a holding pattern right now while they keep an eye on her blood work. We’d ideally put it off until the pandemic dies down, but that’s probably gonna be out of our hands.

How long did it take to find Tony after they started looking for a match for you? (My brother and I are both in the registry, but I figure we would have been notified already if we were even close to a match. Maybe.)

Is there any indication that your age had very much to do with your transplant recovery/subsequent dealing with GVHD?

And are you now on disability?

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Thank you again!! You’re a badass!

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Evening, Rob! Thanks for hanging out tonight!

I'm an actor in Dallas who just broke into voice acting in the last year or so. I've been pretty lucky, but I always get hung up about auditions and I have another one tomorrow. What is your audition process like, personally? How do you prepare outside the room and where do you pull voices from in the booth? How would you stand out for a part you really wanted?

(And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much I love Yakko Warner. My #1 favorite cartoon character since childhood. Thank you for all the art you've given us over the years!)