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Has any real progress been made developing roadside tests that are verifiable by cameras or other means of establishing active intoxication than blood tests?

I was charged with a DUI, with no faults visible on my field sobriety test, and without having smoked that day. I did however have a large amount of THC in my system from the previous month, so I plead out to avoid court hassle.

I was pretty much dead sober when pulled over, and have stopped driving to avoid this BS and expense.

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Thanks for the response, its a shame to hear about the lack of progress.

I was in Texas responding to a family health crisis, but lived in Oregon and had a medical card. I agreed to the FST, because I had only consumed one beer a few hours earlier. I know now this was probably a mistake.

I passed all of the FST that can be corroborated with video, but supposedly failed it due to eye testing that were not recorded. The officers word about suspicious eye movements was enough to fail the FST and force a blood sample.

Refusing the blood sample would have led to a loss of my drivers license for 9 months. I probably should have gone with that option but relied on my car for both work and college. I ended up pleading out to Obstructing a Public Passageway, but still had to pay the state thousands.

I quit driving because I realized I could be charged with a felony at an officers discretion and without verifiable evidence.

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Maybe this is just because I focused on particularly "uncaring" psychology but the "caring" explanation doesn't seem to work with psych like it would for nursing. Biology graduates are now more likely to be women, and I think the "caring" explanation fits even less there.

The recency of Psychology maturing is something I had never considered in this context. The field was never old enough to establish to much of a bias. Very interesting point, thanks much for the reply!

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What do you think makes Psychology so different from other sciences in terms of gender ratios? Even the vast majority of my teachers and classmates in the more "Hard" leaning courses like neuropsychology or psychobiology were women.

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Do you think that being former head writer for Fallon, says about the same of your qualifications, as I used to be head of security for JFK?