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Any other animals having massive die-offs over there? This is the first I have heard of this, but I do live in Florida. We recently had a bout of beached dolphins over on the east coast. Sad stuff.

Also, is it many different species of star fish that this is happening to?

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Your work site says you have worked extensively in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia . . . Where is the best/your favorite place you have worked so far?

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Thanks for the reply. That is very odd that it is happening across multiple species. I wonder if there is some sort algal bloom or something taking them out?

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I have always wanted to see Morocco. Thanks for the reply!

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As a first year phd student (molecular pharmacology), what advice can any of you offer in regards to setting myself up for a great postdoc and eventual PI position? Aside from putting in hard work, producing solid science, networking etc., and oddball tips you may have?

I understand this question is totally off topic -- feel free to skip over it if you'd like.