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Just heard about aquatic sloths the other day and they look terrifying indeed. Would love to hear more about them!

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For a 3 day old account I'm saying you fit in well here, very well!

Nicely done.

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Thanks for the excellent and informative reply, that third image gave me the aww feeling again, they don't seem as threatening any more.

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That lunch pic belongs in /r/avacodosgonewild (safe for work).

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Ok, since you are on for 4+ years send the Mod's proof and I would like to ask the following:

How long were you in a coma for, and how long did the rehab take to get you back up and running?

Do you have any memories from your period of coma, even if it was bit's and pieces, if so what were they (if you can articulate them).

What is your view of life having survived this.

Reason I ask these questions is I am 46, when I was 17 I was clinically dead for about 3 minutes. Spent 3 weeks in the ICU barely conscious.

I really remember only tidbits, a nurses face, doctor's checking me out, etc.

Very curious how it was to be in your state.

Thanks in advance.