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Not that it's pertinent to your raising him, but are you in a relationship? If you are not, are you dating? Does the topic come up of you being an adoptive father, and what are the reactions you've gotten to that?

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Do you work with or have any knowledge of cinematic rating systems? I've heard that a movie can use "fuck" 3 times before getting an R rating. I've also heard that saying "fisting" or "fisted" warrants an automatic R. In regards to the latter, I also heard a rumor that was the case for Goldmember.

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Was the reason for their divorce their sexuality? By that I mean, was it pretty peaceful and there were no hard feelings because they came to discover it wasn't an issue with the other person? I can understand the pain of a divorce, but if they both realized they have a different sexual preference then I don't see how either side would be hurt. That's also really awesome that they can live together under the same roof for the sake of you and your sister and it sounds like you have an awesome and unique family.

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A real simple question: why? Did you know he was a member? If you did, I applaud you for being a better person than most people, myself included. I don't honestly know if I'd let someone like that be saved even though I know that would only perpetuate the cycle of hatred.

EDIT: I responded before reading the links. I understand your position now.

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I'll definitely have to check that out. The guys at South Park did a documentary last year about production of a single episode and they did a segment about Standards & Practices. They said it's basically some person just sitting in an office deciding what is and isn't offensive on a day-to-day basis.