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I know being obese is a big risk for being vulnerable to COVID-19(and many other things, really), but does this classification solely go by the Body Mass Index(BMI) Table, or are there other factors as well, such as where you store fat, Body Fat Percentage(BFP), etc.?

My BMI is a 34, which is classified as "obese", but I'm actually a tall guy with "dad-bod" belly(if that makes sense), and I'm 30 years old, and lift weights. I also do cardio six days a week, and can jog a mile without stopping. In other words, I'm overweight, but I'm not sure if I'm actually "obese". My BFP(just checked two months ago) is at 28 percent. Again, I need to lose weight(and I'm losing weight by as the days go on), but it just seems I'm more "Overweight", and not "Obese".

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Thanks for this!