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It sounds to me like there is a lot of backlash over something that is impossible to avoid. Two possibilities:

  1. This AMA was conducted by Morgan Freeman. His answers did not live up to what users imagined, so the natural inclination was to believe it was faked.
  2. This AMA was conducted by a PR rep, in which case there's nothing that any mod or admin can do to prevent that. PR reps obviously can submit proof since they have access to the individual.

All that in mind, the users who have been aggressively attacking the mods and admins over this AMA need to recognize the above and notice that there is little more that could be done.


See hueypriest's update above:

Update: I have spoken to Mr. Freeman's/Oblivion's PR team and they have stated in no uncertain terms that all of the answers in the AMA were his words, and that the picture was legitimate and no doctored.

So Morgan Freeman didn't live up to reddit's overblown impression of Morgan Freeman, and this backlash resulted.

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Thank you for your transparency in this matter, your willingness to alter policy in the face of user discontent, and your post here answering questions on the subject.

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Blackjack is not as a risky investment as the stock market, but people will give their life savings to a snake oil salesman in the stocks and bonds market


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Look, I understand you don't want to give everything away on a public site without someone buying a book, but I think it's pretty reasonable to disbelieve someone who contends they can get an edge over the house of over half a percent without counting cards or monitoring the deck in any way. Can you give us something that can at least assuage our disbelief?

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Playing optimal strategy results in a very minor edge in favor of the house, unless maybe you're looking for a particular set of nonstandard table rules (though I'd be pretty surprised if any rules set allowed for the player to have an edge). That leads me to believe that you adopt some sort of counting strategy, or otherwise monitoring the quality of the shoe. What strategy do you use, or if you don't use some counting/monitoring strategy, how?