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We prefer to just call him Chuck, but we'll give that a try the next time we address him. Thanks! - Ali

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There are a couple components I want to touch on here - As mentioned elsewhere, we're still evaluating the adblock Manifest V3 changes, so we're not quite ready to commit to a statement one way or another on that issue.

More generally, we hear you that adblock is super important to having a good experience on the web. We're doing a couple of things now to start to address this:

  • First, we're a member of the Coalition for Better Ads. As part of that we plan to start enforcing these standards by blocking ads on sites which do not comply with CBA guidelines by default.
  • Second, we're committed to a strong extension ecosystem, including ad blocking. We're still evaluating some of the latest changes here in Chromium, but we're committed to the customer scenario as a principle. To be clear, we will not artificially restrict ad blocking for business reasons related to advertising.
  • Finally, we occasionally hear requests for a built in ad blocking experiences in Edge. For most users, we find that extensions (combined with strong defaults around tracking prevention) are the best option here because you can choose from a variety of experiences and defaults, but we absolutely want to hear from you if you think this should be built in.

- Kyle

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This is a great question! We definitely know how important these privacy features are to you, which is why it was one of the first features we announced for the next version of Microsoft Edge.

As a web browser we have the responsibility to protect our users safety which includes online privacy. We are committed to building features that give users control and transparency over their privacy on the web. One of our first features is Tracking Prevention with 3 levels of control to choose from, with Balanced setting being the default.

You can also check out our What's Next page for more details on what's coming up in Edge: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/whats-next

Are there privacy-specific features that you are especially interested in?

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Containers is a cool feature! We're investigating many features, this included. -J.T.

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We definitely hear from customers that this is an important scenario, and we're happy to support several great content blocking extensions in Edge. We also support the full catalog of Chrome extensions, if you have a favorite that isn't in the Microsoft Store just yet. Try them out and let us know if you run into any issues! - Kyle

Edit - One thing I'd add here is we're also investing in tracking protection, which is another way we see opportunities to improve the browsing experience across the web.