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Sia, what is something about the protests that isn't being covered enough in the media?

How do you stay as safe as you can during the protests?

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What's the worst thing that's happened to you while traveling?

Conversely, what is the most eye opening thing that has happened during your travels?

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What is your advice to a guy who wants to start his own indie gaming company?

What did you learn later on that you wish you knew before starting?

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Got a rather ambitious game in mind which is why I ask this question

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Very very adventurous open world game about a space pirate's quest to free the universe from the last group of hostiles we expected to conquer the universe.

I'm really focusing on making sure the story of the game can be compared to Spider-Man, Cyberpunk, Witcher 3, AC or even Detroit: Become Human in terms of how good it is.

It's stalled because it's so ambitious, I can't find people who want to work on it with rev-share or for free, but I'm definitely going to get it done either as a web comic, web-series, animation or game.