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Based on your love of Trade Exceptions do you think your nickname should be Trade Exception Tommy? I was a huge fan of your creation of the Tomas Satoransky exception this summer, the Isaiah Thomas and the Jordan McRae exceptions this deadline. Can’t wait to see how you use it.

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If I made a shirt saying the nickname would you wear it under your suit at a game?

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Any players you are looking forward to watching in the NCAA tournament?

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What are your thoughts on Ashton Hagans of Kentucky? I think he has real Pat Beverley potential. Also what are your thoughts on Udoka Azubuike of Kansas? He has Clint Capela potential written all over him. Also any chance you’d look into buying back into the 2nd around this year, in addition to the Bulls pick, like with Admiral Schofield last year,

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Would you guys consider bringing back Jordan McRae this offseason as a RFA? Loved his two way to role player arc with the team based on your analytical scouting of the g-league.