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That happened to me once. The only difference is it was a purse and not a wallet. Even though my credit was a joke and I was low income at the time, the people who stole my purse ended up being able to open utility accounts at various addresses in my name and the bills totaled thousands. It was a hassle and a half to get it straightened out and I didn't even discover the utility fraud until a few years later when I moved and wanted to put the electric and gas (heating) bill (same company handles both) in my name only to find out I owed them a few grand from houses I never lived in.

Call the local utility companies and make sure they know to open no accounts in your name without you physically present with ID.

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What's the sex tip or trick you think everyone should know how to perform and are shocked so few do?

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I didn't know to use my hands during a blowjob until I had been sexually active for 9 years, had multiple partners, was married, had given birth..twice...and was divorcing. My current husband had to explain it to me.

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Long story, but I made a police report when the theft happened. I also lived with a family member for part of that time and in a rental listed as a resident on the lease for part of that time. And I kept my address updated with the Secretary of State (the office that handles drivers licences, state ID, car registration, ect).

So, I had to get in contact with the utility companies fraud departments, submit copies of the police report, copies of my address history from the Secretary of State, copies of a notarized paper from my family member stating I lived there during y-z, and a copy of the lease listing me as a resident from a-b. It still took months as the utility companies were reluctant to fix the issue and I had to really push.

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The providers jack up their prices because they know the insurance company will negotiate down when they pay. It's stupid.