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For those of us who have actually endured the surgery for joint replacements and bone repairs and also have to endure being x-rayed in a booth in public to board the planes and still have to jam ourselves into the sardine-can seats, I protest this recommendation on ethical grounds.

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What is the best part of being a woman "of a certain age"?

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Thanks for the terrific photos and great narrative of events. I am assuming that "trek" is the same as "trail," and that the wonderful folks who helped you will be without an income until the trails are rebuilt. I wish everyone well.

My question is about the infrastructure of the highways and rail systems. I traveled to Kathmandu from India by narrow guage rail in 1970, and I understand that the line was closed last year and is going to be replaced by a sturdier rail system, which is being financed by India. Based on this information, I am wondering if there are navigable roads "down the mountain," or is air travel the only safe way out of the country right now?

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It sounds like you still love what you do, and I find that very inspirational. Thank you!

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