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I do not think anyone has ever asked me what songs deserved to be known out of France for their language. I think songs are one of the best way to learn a language, and French Hip-pop and Rap is full of diamonds hidden to the rest of the world. An enormous amount of texts propitious to translation, if only to make them known to music lovers or simply French lover.

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Try Stromae. It is not quite hip-hop, but there are pretty accurate translation on his clip video. Also L.E.J.

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Truthfully, no. There are translations in Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, and other commonly spoken languages in Massachusetts. It is pretty hard to keep track of how many people read those articles. However, I know personally many people who use them to improve their language and actively learn a new one.

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That's quite amusing. Most Americans or foreigners who come in France do not really try to learn the language and think that English can get them anywhere, and this tends to annoy many French people. Now, if you show that you are actually trying, I have had more experience of French helping them than anger. You should try. My friend who came from America was using her French skills and immediately adored by most people we met. They were happy she was interested in their language.

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Flâner (means wandering around with no purpose other than wandering, in a lazy manner), dépayser (not recognizing people, manners, food, words, anything around one self), retrouvaille (when two people or more (it can also be two animals, or an animal and a person) find each other again after a long separation), l'appel du vide (call of the void, when you find yourself on a high place and suddenly wish to jump)

My favorite one is "jolie laide" even if it's not used that often : it literally means "pretty ugly" but actually means "non-conventional beauty"