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Hello everyone! Thanks for your question!

I support a free and open Internet because I want to preserve the openness and innovation that has occurred. I am focused on the consumer and the consumer experience. I want to know what attributes are necessary to keep the Internet free and open. I want to know whether the rules the FCC adopted in 2010, which banned blocking and unreasonable discrimination were the right approach.

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There is a federal statute that we are required to enforce.

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In 2010, I was vocal in my support for Title II, mobile parity and a ban on paid prioritization. I have many of the same concerns I did 4 years ago, but have vowed to keep an open mind. My focus has been on the consumer and what attributes or policies are necessary to keep the Internet free and open.

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I've spent the past 16 years in public service, and prior to that I ran a small community newspaper for 14 years. Those are the only professional jobs I've ever had.

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The Chairman just circulated an item that proposes to increase the minimum speed for universal service support. I look forward to reviewing the item and voting it at the open FCC meeting on December 11.