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Thank you! And yes, I keep in touch with pretty much everyone. We became very close. Shannon Woodward and I serve on the board of A is For together, and I love her intensely. And Garret will always be my favorite first fake hubby.

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A is For is an organization I co-founded with some very brilliant women friends that seeks to advocate for abortion and reproductive rights, and to eliminate the shame and stigma associated with one of the most common medical procedures there is. We work to raise awareness through art and activism, and we support on the ground orgs who are providing financial help for women seeking to exercise their Constitutional right to physical autonomy and self-determination. That's the short answer!

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Thank you! I LOVE John Waters. He is insane in the best possible way. And more than that, he is a deeply compassionate person. He loves his city, his friends, his community. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.

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That was one of the happiest experiences of my life. That cast was incredible, and it was honestly a joyful, brilliant time. We stayed in these furnished apartments all in the same complex, some of us. And I remember one night shooting the drag racing scene, and Joaquin and Keanu and I were blasting Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" album (my personal fave of all time) and dancing like idiots. That's one of my memories.

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Oh, that's fabulous! How's the dip? Can you post a recipe?

I love our show. The Real O'Neals gives us a fantastic opportunity to explore the classic coming of age issues every teen goes through, and that every family experiences, from the perspective of a young gay man. It's about learning to readjust your expectations, questioning your prejudices, and growing up alongside your kids. Things every family can relate to, I think. Also, it's really freaking funny, IMHO.