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Hello! Medical doctor here! Thank you for all your efforts upholding scientific truths in a time when it seems like the value for truth has lost its worth.

Quick question about the future vaccine. I personally feel like there is a lack of concerted, coordinated, international effort to develop this vaccine. With the lack of a common goal between independent research no wonder there’s so much scientific waste.

Do you think it’s not too late for a body/entity to lead this global effort, or do you think that this is impossible considering how much of the vaccine development is run by separate companies?

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I am very sorry for your loss. This tragedy definitely united many of us and as a fellow Malaysian my hope and prayers go out to you and your family.

The general attitude that everyone seems to have is "Complain Less, Pray More". Everytime I bring out the issue of incompetence of the authorities with my friends and family I am quickly labeled as a heretic, unpatriotic Malaysian. Question: Have you ever felt that you were not allowed to criticise? Has there been any situation where you and other NOKs were not allowed to speak up to the media? Everytime I turn on TV1 or RTM (local news channels for you non-Malaysians) it seems that the media is doing a very good job in spreading blatant propaganda, putting the authorities (the government specifically) in a very good light.

I am bewildered by how slow information got released and the miscommunication that went on among the authorities. Question: Do you hold any sense of grudge or vindictiveness towards the Malaysian government for their lack of competence in handling the tragedy?

Thank you for doing this AMA.